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My picture gallery
My picture gallery

Gallery icon snow tracks
Beautiful snow, lots of animal tracks, a camera and thou. What more could you ask for?
Gallery icon flood hike [ 1 picture ]
The river was flooding so I went and took its picture. Somehow the last 10 or so were lost, but you can survive without seeing me dangling from the top of a 200 foot cliff, right?
Gallery icon new home [ 40 pictures ]
Moving to Norfolk.
Gallery icon floppsy and friends [ 7 pictures ]
A Turkey, A Rose, A Rabbit. What a strange day to be a turkey.
Gallery icon ice 2-16-03 [ 15 pictures ]
A nice walk outside in the snow and ice.
Gallery icon sledding [ 7 pictures ]
Sledding with some neighbors and look at the pretty things I found!
Gallery icon fiery sunset june 27 [ 9 pictures ]
A beautiful sunset, the sky seemed alive with fire!
Gallery icon August Sunsets [ 7 pictures ]
Some beautiful sunsets this time of year. Vibrant colors, motions. Very powerful time as the summer draws to a close.
Gallery icon sping 2003 [ 11 pictures ]
Some shots I took in the spring of 2003. Tragically I need a macro lens as almost all of the flower shots, while they are beautiful from a distance, become blurry when you look at them closely:( Still, These are some very nice ones that I enjoyed:)
Gallery icon for Neesha [ 52 pictures ]
These are pictures for my dear friend Neesha. They are designed to show things that I think would interest her and not not necessarily of the highest photographic quality. This is also one of the few places to find pictures of me.
Gallery icon a peaceful evening [ 5 pictures ]
The sun was setting and it was pretty out, so I snapped a few very high resolution images for my records. I've shrunk them down here as you really don't want to download a 10M image, do you?
Gallery icon november sunset [ 6 pictures ]
A beautiful november sunset
Gallery icon August 2005 [ 9 pictures ]
Here are a selection of shots from 2005. Some artistic ones, some kudzu ones, some fun ones. I'll add more later, I just need to get back into posting pictures.
Gallery icon Sunset7122001 [ 24 pictures ]
A beautiful sunset in July of 2001
Gallery icon Neesha2 [ 27 pictures ]
A collection for my friend!
If you would like me to do any photography for you, such as provide you with higher resolution images of those displayed here, or do a photo shoot at your location, contact me.
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